Friday, November 25, 2011

The World Is Small

More Time Out For Women
A blessing of being at the SLC TOFW was seeing dear friends.
I LOVE Stephanie and was so happy to see her and her 
daughters, Star and Lacy. 
It made me start missing Stephanie all over again.
 Tennisa, Me, and Chrislyn- my TOFW heroes!
Love these women!
 Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot go through an airport or walk down the street in most any city and not meet up with someone I know. I don't try to make this happen, but it just does. 
I was sitting in the lobby at The Marriott and who walks by? 
Terry Medlin and her daughters, Sandy and Judy.
Terry and Judy used to live in FL. 
Now they live in Las Vegas and Sandy lives in California. 
They met in SLC for TOFW and I just happened to look up from my computer as they were passing through the lobby. It was WONDERFUL to see them.
Yes, the world is small and I am so happy that I meet people I know every place I go.

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