Friday, November 25, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

My two favorite "Christmas Cities" are Salt Lake City and New York City. A side benefit of working for Deseret Book last week was watching Christmas go up in downtown Salt Lake City. The lights were on all day at Temple Square while they were being tested. It was magical even in the daylight.
The Lion House is decked out and ready to welcome Christmas.
This garland is made of fruits and pine boughs.
 I watched the wreathes and pine garland go up on 
The Lion House
 The tree in The Joseph Smith Building was decorated
all in one day.
 Nativity scenes from all over the world are set up on the 
Church office plaza.
 Inside the Lion House. 
This Christmas tree is in the front parlor where my sister, 
Jenni, had her wedding reception 2 days before Christmas. 
I wonder if this is the same tree we all posed in front of 15 years ago??? 
I'll have to get out the pics and compare. (and you know I will)
The only thing that would have made seeing Christmas even better???
Having my family with me.
It just wasn't the same to visit the Lion House and all around downtown
without my family like we did all summer, in fact, it made me miss them.
I sent Megan a message telling her that the Lion House just wasn't the same without her.
Watching the Christmas magic in Salt Lake City made me want to rush home, hug my family, 
and work the same magic at my own house. 
Guess what we will be doing all weekend? 
Welcome Christmas!

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