Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Dilemma or Blessing

My favorite part of Christmas decorations are the Christmas tree ornaments. (I am looking for the link from the year my Christmas tree was featured in The Palm Beach Post-mmm)
Each year, as I un-pack my Christmas tree ornaments, it is a walk down memory lane. Each ornament tells a story. They remind me of a place we traveled, special events, and most of all I am reminded of the the many wonderful people who are in my life. 
Every year, an ornament is added for each child and one is added for our family. Additional ornaments come from friends, family, school projects, scout projects, Relief Society activities, and so forth. Read more details HERE
For those of you with a sense for numbers, do the math. That is a lot of ornaments over 31 years of marriage and 5 children. A lot.
Each time a child gets married, their ornaments go with them as they start their new home and family. With Curt and Jeff married, 40+ ornaments now have new homes. 
Here is where my Christmas dilemma comes in to the picture:
Tree from Christmas 2010
My very large tree is FULL. Very FULL.
Here are my options:
  1. Set up 2 Trees (a smaller one with my Golden Pears collection which is now up to about 30 ornaments)
  2. Find a wife for Andrew...that would take 25 ornaments off the tree by next year.
  3. Not put all of my ornaments on the tree (that is like choosing which child is my favorite-a decision I don't want to make)
  4. Enjoy my FULL tree this year and the memories that come with each ornament, after all my life is FULL of blessings and my Christmas tree is a reminder of this.
Here are my thoughts on these options:
  1. Find a tree for free or almost free at the end of the Christmas season and set up 2 trees next year. This is especially appealing because we are trying to downsize in 2012 and we really need to store more Christmas STUFF-not. 
  2. It is all up to Andrew. Andrew you are key to the Christmas dilemma.
  3. Not happening...
  4. Yes, enjoy every minute of my FULL tree and the memories that come with each ornament. Chances are that if you are reading this, you contributed to my FULL Christmas tree. Thank you.
I have decided that I do not have a Christmas dilemma...I have a Christmas blessing.
Merry Christmas Everyone!
Happy December!

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hahaha! This made me laugh! Just found you through Chocolate on my Cranium - I'll be back :)