Sunday, December 11, 2011

Take Stock-Buy Stock

I suggest you Buy Stock in Costco...TODAY
At the same time, I will Take Stock of what is in my pantry....TODAY.
Then...I will shop for supplies.
Andrew is on the way in 3 days!!!!
I am so excited to have him home!

Tomorrow marks 1 week of me filing to run as a candidate for Village Council
Still under the radar of the media, but the word is out and things won't stay calm for long.
We are planning an official kick off for January 4 or 5. Stay tuned.

Pray for my family and pray for me through  this entire campaign. This week, I won't be under the radar at all. I have to attend a few public events. I am ready  (I think) for the media.

I have very little Christmas shopping done for the girls. Not because I don't want to or don't have time. I just don't know what to get for them and they are not helping matters. Hopefully our annual visit to Santa will help them give me suggestions.

I don't have our Christmas Cards even started. I realized the reason I have stalled is that Andrew is not in our recent family photo and I don't want to send out an incomplete picture. That only happens when someone is serving a mission. Maybe this will be the first time in 30+ years that cards don't go out from the Hostetlers...

In spite of all the "what I don't have done's", I am enjoying the Christmas season.
For now, I am taking stock and preparing for Andrew's arrival.

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john said...

If this were anyone else I'd be worried about them being over burdened....but not Shauna! You always seem to don your cape and once again save Christmas as Super Shauna!