Monday, December 5, 2011

Why The Private?

Because today, I just gave up most all of my privacy.
Today, I officially entered the race to run for the Village of Wellington City Council Seat #1.
Totally official. Just no big announcement or kick off until after Christmas.
I filed the paperwork, opened a campaign checking account and continued to feel peaceful throughout the entire process.
I have wrestled with this decision for months.
I have firmly said NO more than once.
However...the NO did not bring peace.
In fact, the NO just created more unrest for my soul.
So, last week, I decided to say YES and see how it felt.
It felt right and continues to feel right (remind me of this when I am at a debate being eaten alive)
We spent this past weekend praying and fasting.
I received a blessing on Saturday and the first words entered my heart and I knew I needed to exercise a little faith and go for this opportunity.
I know I can win, but not without a lot of work.
The election is March 13- Katherine's 15th Birthday.
January and February will be grueling (mostly February)

I have the Mayor's endorsement
I have financial backing of many friends and the deep pockets of the equestrian community (another story for another day)
I have the endorsement and support of so many key people in Wellington and the race has not officially heated up. There are certain to be more contenders
I am running for a seat that is being vacated. I have 2 opponents already. One man and one woman. The woman will go after me with all her might. (Yep, pray for me)
It is a lot of pressure when you know that you will be 1 of 4 voices making decisions that affect the entire city of 60,000 people.

There are so many stories to tell and now that this is private, I can tell them over the next weeks.
So many stories to tell and so many yet to happen.

So now you know...
this candidate just does not want to give ammunition to the media or my opposition.
Hence, this blog is private.
I will most likely start a blog for my campaign, but for now, I am under the radar
trying to get my promo information and materials prepared.
Vote for me, PLEASE!


Char said...

Wow! yay for you! and good luck. The City of Wellington really needs YOU!

john said...

sorry we cannot vote for you but please accept our love and prayers.

KYoho said...

wo-hoo!!!! Good luck!