Monday, January 2, 2012

Sunday School-Week 1

Each week, I have the privilege of being taught by an amazing Sunday School teacher in the Gospel Doctrine class, Maureen Rane. She brings a  beautiful spirit to each lesson by following the prepared lesson materials and staying on the subject. I am certain she spends a great deal of time preparing and praying each week.

For each lesson, she writes 1 quote and 2 questions that relate to the subject. The questions are meant to help students apply the lesson to their lives in a personal way as does the quote.

We were challenged to get a notebook or journal and write down the questions each week. I did this and it has been a wonderful way to "bring the lesson home" with me and continue to ponder the feelings and thoughts I had during class. I have used the questions and quote during my daily study.

About half way through the year, I wished that, in addition to writing in my journal, I had recorded these questions and quotes here on my blog.

Well, it is a new year and I am not going to go half the year before I decide to record the weekly questions and quotes. We are studying the Book of Mormon and yesterday we had a beautiful introduction to this course of study.

Here are the questions from lesson #1
1) What have I learned about Jesus Christ from The Book of Mormon?
2) How might knowing the Book of Mormon was written for our day influence the way I study it?

"Members of the Church everywhere should know the Book of Mormon better than any other book. Not only should we know what history and faith-promoting stories it contains, but we should understand its teachings...I have noted the difference in those who know and love the Book of Mormon and those who do not. That book is a great sifter."
-President Ezra Taft Benson-

As I am in this crazy season of life, there are a few things I won't compromise on. Sunday worship and taking the Sacrament. Daily prayer and reading The Book of Mormon.

Happy New Year!
Are you excited to study the Book of Mormon this year?


Becky said...

Please, keep posting these! I love Primary, but I miss Gospel Doctrine. Maybe this will help :)

Cathi said...

We too have an awesome Gospel Doctrine teacher. She was my VT for years and years and has always been a very dear friend. Her knowledge astounds me and I'm so grateful for her diligence each and every week. ;D