Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sunday School Week 3

One thing that can always be counted on is CHANGE.
Now we have two Sunday School Teachers Team-Teaching our Gospel Doctrine Class.
Our new Team Teacher is Brother Chris Kelly.
His style is very different from Sister Rane, yet he brought such a sweetness to our class with his strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. It was such a boost to my spirit to hear him declare his personal testimony of The Book of Mormon.
Chris asked this question based on a quote by Elder Melvin J Ballard:

"What are we willing to give up (sacrifice) 
to have the celestial kingdom as ours?"

Chris explained that the previous day, he and his wife had received a call from her father to come over to his home so he could discuss/teach some gospel principles. He said this was something that his father-in-law rarely (almost never) does, yet he felt a sense of urgency to spend this time with them in the capacity of gospel teaching. 
As they were together, the above quote by Elder Melvin J Ballard was part of the discussion. Chris' father-in-law is an Area Authority, Elder Robert Gay, who also lives in our ward. We are blessed to have him in our Sacrament Meetings occasionally and each time he speaks is a breath of fresh air.

This quote has been on at the forefront of my thoughts as I am contemplating the safety of our family physically and spiritually relative to my decision to continue running for public office in a race I know I will win, or to change the course I am on. Ultimately, it is not about winning, but being in the right place for the right reasons at the right time.

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