Thursday, January 19, 2012

Follow Up

After this crazy experience last week, my desire has been to move forward and continue my campaign. I go from fear to numb to anger and to fear all in waves.
However, almost a week later, moving forward is not as easy as I thought it would be.
I am still contemplating suspending my campaign indefinitely and the more I think about it I think it will take more courage to do that than continue on this path. I am praying and weighing the consequences of my choices.

One thing that is difficult is the support and kind words of so many people around town and knowing that so many people are counting on me. I have met some of the best of the best in my short campaign trail. Yesterday, at a luncheon, I was introduced as one of the guests of honor. After lunch, I was flooded with support and offers to help with signs, donations, calls, etc.

All of my signs are printed and ready to go out on Feb 1. All of my T-shirts, business cards, etc.are ready. My website is up and live, two fundraising events are planned for me. A few "Meet and Greet" events are scheduled. It is just so much to put on hold or stop, yet I need to make a decision that I can live with now and in the future. Whatever that decision is, I know that I will look back on this time as a small season with big lessons learned.
What is best for the safety of my family, physically and spiritually is my priority.

My sister said something today that has been very calming to my spirit: The one who led you to this place will lead you to the right decision.

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