Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sunday School Week 4

I was not able to be in class for most of the time, but attended long enough to feel a sweet spirit from our new Team Teacher. His testimony of The Book of Mormon speaks to my heart.

Relief Society is where I was reminded of how blessed I am each day. As the teacher spoke, I thought of the first thing Megan said when I was telling her about the intruder in our home. She said, "Mom, we prayed for safety this morning and we were safe."
Yes, we were.

And on another note...just put me out to pasture if I ever become a negative, attacking politician....
Or make me live in Siberia...
My goal is to speak of my strengths, leadership abilities, and passion for the place I call home in a positive manner.
I know the mud-slinging is going to start, but I won't sling mud back...if you sling mud, you always get some on yourself.

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