Sunday, February 12, 2012

And The Heat Is On

The heat is on...
Two debates are scheduled for this week.
Wednesday, the Seniors Club of Wellington is hosting a luncheon and Candidate debate.
Thursday evening, the Wellington Chamber of Commerce is hosting another debate.
The Wednesday debate will be the warm up for full on heat at the Thursday evening Chamber of Commerce debate. If you are reading this and live nearby....please attend Thursday evening. I will need to see some friendly, supportive faces in the Village Hall audience. This debate will be televised on the local cable channel, so if you are desperate for entertainment, tune in to channel 18.

I am prepared, but it is hard to know which area will be the focus.

I went to an interview with the Firefighters Union on Friday prepared with facts, figures, opinions, etc. Nothing I prepared for came up in the interview. I was able to weave in some of the points I knew they would be interested in, but the questions were so different than anything I had been told to expect. I felt it went well, and I will know in a week if they are going to back me.

In addition to preparing for 2 debates, I am preparing for an interview with The Palm Beach Post, The Town Crier, and The Palms West Magazine. Every interview has a different emphasis so I can't just prepare one form and submit it to all.

If you read this far...please pray for me this week. Especially at noon on Wednesday and 7pm on Thursday.
The heat is on...

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Char said...

I'll be praying for you. I wish you the best!