Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fortune Cookies

Katherine did some research and found the instructions for making Fortune Cookies. I was a little intimidated by this project, but she was excited and confident after watching the instructions on a video.
Wow! Is what I kept saying as I saw each one. They are beautiful and much more tasty than the store/restaurant Fortune Cookies.
The cookie below was her FIRST attempt.
Custom fortunes. With a little more research on top of even more creativity, Katherine typed up creative fortunes and filled each cookie with a fortune typed on a strip of paper.
Now my mind is going...think of all the fun ways we can use this recipe. Parties, Lesson Handouts, Young Women Personal Progress (fill with a message), Seminary Scripture mastery, etc. The custom fortune inside makes the occasion memorable.
Katherine is planning to make these for Valentine gifts.

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Jenni said...

I love this idea! Very impressed that you did it first try, katherine! Come to RI and show me how to make them!