Saturday, February 4, 2012

Funeral Day

We attended the funeral for Katherine's friend today. It was a beautiful service filled with love and the spirit. This young man came from a very loving, spiritual family. In addition to the pomp and circumstance, the Priest gave a very appropriate personal message. It was clear he understood his audience (many teens) and spoke openly about this young man taking his life. He testified that God loves this young man and loves each of us. He challenged us to not dwell on last Monday, but to reflect on the many happy memories of this young man.

This young man was #2 of seven beautiful children. It was clear that he was "different" than everyone in his family. He expressed his desire to be a unique individual by his outward appearance, which was completely opposite of the rest of his family. I know his parents have loved and supported him through many ups and downs. They are such good people and my heart aches for them.

The funeral was held at an Anglican Catholic church. The members of the church said that was the largest crowd the building had ever held. They were accommodating and gracious as they hosted over 250 people. After the service, his ashes were buried in the Memory Garden on the Church grounds and then a reception was hosted in the fellowship hall. People waited for over an hour to go through the line and extend their love and sympathy to the family. In the days to come, this family will draw strength from the love and support they received today.

Again, it was clear that the school family is just that....a family. I feel beyond blessed to have Katherine in such an incredible environment. I have never experienced a school community such as this.

This was Katherine's first tragic loss and funeral for a friend. She is doing well and with School, our family, and the gospel of Jesus Christ, she has the support to grieve, heal, and move forward.
We will continue to pray for her and the family of her friend.

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