Tuesday, February 7, 2012

BYU Parking

Yesterday, I received a bill from BYU for $30 to cover a parking violation fine. This was the second letter and I thought I had cleared the issue via phone last month.
Here is the reality, I told the BYU Parking department:

  • I dont live in Utah
  • I dont have a car in Utah
  • I dont have a student at BYU
  • I was not in Utah the date of the violation (November 2010-yes over 1 year ago)
The clerk said, well, this is for a dark green Ford Explorer with Florida License plates....uh huh...ANDREW'S car. I told her thank you and that, yes I own that car and would speak to the driver.

Within minutes, I was thanking Andrew for the $30 fine to my BYU Account. 
Within a few more minutes, Andrew was reminding me that he was home in Florida on that date and that our cousins were "car-sitting".
I was quick to go to the obvious and blame Andrew, yet this is a lesson in things are not always as they may seem.
Again, sorry, Andrew.

Fine is paid and now I can register for BYU Women's Conference and summer camps for the girls.

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