Monday, February 20, 2012

Twenty Three Days

But who is counting....Twenty Three Days until the election.

Tomorrow, the pace of my campaign is cranked up a few more notches.
Believe tummy is responding and so is the crick in my neck and a headache to match.
I think a visit to the chiropractor is on my list of places to stop early in the week.

This week, I am more confident about the meetings and presentations I have. I beat myself up pretty badly about the flat/botched debate/forum on Thursday, and I realized I need to shake it off and move forward. Tonight, I feel the forward motion.

I have several interviews with media and groups wanting to endorse me. I feel good about my preparation and ability to convey my strengths and vision.

The mud is slinging and the PACs(Political Action Coalitions) are going after the Mayor, which is also an attack on me. I am trying not to read most of the propaganda arriving in the mailbox each day. The opposition has tried to make this a one issue campaign centered around the new Equestrian Village project. If you live here and are reading this....know for certain...we need Mayor Bowen re-elected and our town needs the Equestrian Village project. We also DO NOT need Matt Whilhite re-elected. Elect Al Paglia for seat 4.

Fasten your seatbelts...we are in for a bumpy 23-day ride.

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