Friday, March 2, 2012

Eleven More Days

Eleven more days of this campaign and I can't wait.
The ugliness of this municipal race makes national politics look like kindergarten.

A Super PAC (Political Action Committee) is basically highjacking the Village of Wellington.
They have spent $250,000 with the sole purpose of defaming our Mayor to ensure he is not re-elected.
Every day last week a slanderous mail flyer arrived in our mailboxes. Each day, the photos and information were twisted to make the Mayor look corrupt, inept, etc.

The Super PAC has unlimited funding from Jeremy Jacobs, owner of the Boston Bruins and part-time Wellington resident (4-6 weeks per year)

They have not touched me...YET. With the polls showing me ahead and the Mayor still ahead, in spite of their best efforts, they are going to pour on the gas.

Last night was our last debate and they had 2 photographers there who took pictures of me from the moment I arrived until I left. We had to ask them to stop while I was speaking as it was so distracting, I could not think.
I knew they were trying to get photos of me with the Mayor for the purpose of cropping and linking us together.
I am certain that by the end of next week, a slanderous piece with my photo will arrive in my mailbox.
It is interesting that this group has never contacted me or tried to get my opinion or stance on any issues. They know the Mayor has endorsed me and that is all they need to know.

My biggest fear is that I will win and that the Mayor will not. Life will be H#$% if I have to work with corrupt, deceitful colleagues.

I knew there would be mudslinging and ugliness, but there is no way I could have been prepared for this. I have not engaged in the ugliness and do not plan to lower myself to do so. In some cases, this is unnerving for those who are running against me. I always shake their hands, look them in the eye, wish them well, etc. I believe in civility and will continue to take the high road. Meanwhile...I approach my mailbox with hesitation every day.

We finally figured out that this opposition group had the plan to scare me (hence the letter and house break in) and     now their goal is to stop at nothing to take the Mayor down. I  think (hope) he will be re-elected unless a lot of people get out and vote just because of the nasty mailers in their mailbox rather than learning facts.

Pray for the Village of Wellington!

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