Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Count and Re-Count

Last night the Wellington Canvassing Board made a wise decision.
They voted in favor of a hand re-count of all the ballots from the March 13 election.
After the 2000 Presidential Election debacle, very specific and strict election laws were passed.
One of those laws?
Hand counting ballots are illegal. Yep..illegal.
A judge can order a hand count.
This morning the request was filed and we are waiting to hear if/when a hand re-count will take place.
It could be as early as Saturday.

The Canvassing Board meeting was filled with rude, unruly people who behaved no better than pack dogs. They are the supporters of the 3 newly named winners who are supported by the SuperPAC. Many of them were not even Wellington residents. They are employed by the superPAC and were being paid their customary $20 per hour to do their dirty work.

As this week has progressed, I know for a certainty that not being named a winner is a blessing and protection.
I was feeling that way the last few weeks of the race, but did not know just how true it would be.
I will be so relieved when the final count is announced (and even more relieved to walk away)
If I were named a winner and knew that I would actually be allowed to be effective, I may feel differently, but it is not a good season in Wellington politics.

Oh...and here is something I find humorous...the wife of the superPAC financier (he is not even a registered voter in FL)  filed a lawsuit with 5 of her friends (aka employees). I am named in the lawsuit and charged with being an "improperly elected official". It just gets better and better every day as the lawsuits fly from every direction. If that is the worst someone can accuse me of...bring it on.

In fairness, I must say, this has been a fabulous experience. I have met so many wonderful people and learned some valuable lessons that could not be taught in any other way. There is more good than bad in Wellington and I am thankful to associate with an abundance of the good.

I will be relieved to NOT be on the evening news every night.
I have developed a relationship with most of the local news reporters and camera people.
The newspaper reporters have me on speed-dial and I have learned how to handle all of them.
I prepare 3 main points and stick to them. Even with careful wording, I am misquoted every day.
I will be happy when we are not communicating on a regular basis.

Maybe, just maybe, I will be able to return to the blog world
(and hopefully it wont have to be private forever)

(and that re-count had better wait until Monday!!!!)
Seems like I was preparing last week. The past 6 months FLEW by.
General Conference could not come at a better time in my life.

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Charlene said...

So now you can move to the Jupiter ward. No excuses.