Sunday, April 1, 2012

Re-Count Day

Another chapter in Palm Beach County Election History...
Saturday, March 31, 2012
The Wellington Election vote re-count
 Each candidate was allowed to have 6 ballot counting observers. Ron spent the day watching the count and re-count for the Seat 1 race. It was a tedious process, but very thorough and organized. I felt confident in the entire process and was prepared to support the outcome (which I was praying to NOT be a win for me...more on that later)
They counted one precinct at a time, one race per station. Very methodical and precise.
 This photo gives a better view of how large the Supervisor of Elections warehouse is. In the background are shelves filled with boxes of ballots from previous elections. They are all numbered and sealed.
Ron, Me, and Scott, one of my supporters who stayed for the entire day of observing the count. In the end the vote count was in favor of Bob Margolis for Mayor, John Greene for Seat 1 and Matt Whilhite for Seat 4. As much as I wanted to win, I did NOT want to win under these circumstances and have to serve with these candidates. The few days that I was named a winner showed me that I was not safe and that the superPAC and their minions would make next 4 years difficult for me. I  truly know that a loss is a protection and blessing.

The re-count took from 8am until 2 pm non-stop counting and re-counting at each station. Every time there was a ballot marked in a questionable way, the ballot was presented to the canvassing board and candidates for review. I found it a fascinating process, but something I would not want to do often.

I enjoyed the campaign season and would do it all over again if there was not a million dollar SuperPAC trying to buy the town and the election. I met so many wonderful people and feel like so many doors were opened for me personally. There are friendships I will always treasure and lessons I learned that could only be taught in this forum.

People keep asking me to stay involved and be prepared to run again in 2 years....that is like asking someone when they are having their next baby as they are leaving the delivery room! I am not opposed to running again, but now is not the time to ask.

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