Thursday, March 15, 2012

Winner Winner

The past week is worthy of several blog posts. Perhaps sometime I will sit down and record the events and emotions I experience during this campaign and  especially during the final week.

Last Thursday(the day I was leaving for Time Out For Women in Orlando) my campaign manager sat me down and told me I should not leave town. This week was the first time my opponent had made any gains on me and the final weekend before election day was critical. I needed to knock doors on Saturday and wave my signs at major intersections all weekend.

As she was telling me I should not go, her partner called from his office and said, 'Francine, Shauna needs to go. The campaign needs her to go. She needs to go to her temple and be with her people. If she does not go, she may not win' His family is LDS, but he is not.

So what did I do the last weekend before the election? Got in my car and drove to Orlando to lead Time Out For Women. And what happened during the Friday night session? I received a text message and email informing me that The Palm Beach Post endorsed me. And what happened Saturday when I was soaking in the Time Out For Women spirit? It RAINED all day at home. None of the candidates were out at intersections or knocking on doors.

As it worked out, I was back in Wellington by 8:30 to make an appearance at an event that was very important to touch base at.

I was endorsed by The Town-Crier, The Palm Beach Post, The Realtors Association of Palm Beach, The Gold Coast Builders association and many more leaders in the community.

In addition to Francine's business partner, another gentleman in town who is LDS, but has not been to Church in 40 years, expressed the same view about me leaving town. He told me I needed to go attend the temple and feel the spirit with the women of my faith. He told me that if anyone criticizes my decision, he would defend me.

So now the real fun begins. There is a lot of division in town and I need to look forward and try to unite this community in the direction that is best for Wellington.

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