Monday, March 5, 2012


It felt great to type that title!
If you are reading this...please include me in your prayers each day this week.
In addition, please include Mayor Darell Bowen and the Village of Wellington in your prayers.

The Super PAC has $500,000 they intend to spend defaming the Mayor. I am sure I am on their hit list, also.
All polls show me ahead.

At our debate last week, they (the Super PAC) had 2 photographers assigned to catch my every word and move. I am sure they got enough material to twist and distort. Coming to a Wellington mailbox soon...

I knew there would be ugliness, but a Municipal election in Florida (not even a large city) has never had this sort of money spent in an attempt to deceive and confuse the people.

So far, I have not engaged in the ugliness and I am committed to continue. It isn't me and that is not how I operate.

And by the way....TIME OUT FOR WOMEN is this weekend...couldn't come at a better time!
Vote for ME! March 13!

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