Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mystery Solved

We have moved an average of every 6-7 years in our 32 years of marriage. With each move, we moved to a larger home and they have all been a few miles away from each other.
Well now, we are going in reverse...looking to downsize, not necessarily too far away from where we are now.
Regardless of the size home or distance we moved, there is always the cleaning out and purging of STUFF that has not been used, will not be used, will not fit/match, etc. We are in that mode right now and it has already solved a major mystery...
I found Curt's Baby Book. Yes!
I have everyone's Baby Books all together and for some reason, I was over-organized and placed Curt' book with some of the other keepsakes I have from him.
Today, we started putting things in our storage unit.
The "give-away or sell" pile is GROWING every day.
I am certain this is the first of many mysteries to be solved.

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