Thursday, May 10, 2012


The campaign and election dust has settled (at least for me, it has) and I am wondering if I will ever be able to list my blog as public again (or if I want to)
I "googled" myself and had to get up to around page 40 before there were not relevant results containing my name and something I have been involved in between Church, Schools, Community, being interviewed about the Mitt's campaign and the affect on the Mormon Community, letters to the editor, even Youtube clips of the recent news interviews.
It even went back to August of 1994 when Ron was called to be part of the Stake Presidency and I was listed in The Church News as his wife.
You gotta love google (or not)
It was no secret that the super PAC used sophisticated technology as part of their smear campaign. They were reading my emails and I am certain they were able to get on my blog, regardless of the private settings. I did not give them reason to use anything from my blog against me but it would have come in time. Something would have been used out of context from my silly, boring blog.
So back to what I am wondering...public or remain private....does it even matter if someone can hack in to anywhere with the right tools?
I think a little more time has to pass before I am comfortable changing the settings.
Maybe once we get the house sold and are re-settled to wherever we are re-settling.

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