Sunday, June 3, 2012

Arise and Shine Forth

One week until we leave for Girls Camp
We have a very fun theme...
The YW/YM 2012 Theme
Arise and Shine Forth
 True to form, I get my best ideas/inspiration at the last moment.
I have someone making one of these pillow cases for each girl.
They will have the option of signing each other's pillow cases.
I am thankful to have some artistic women close by as I am thinking of
ideas that I will need help completing with just one week to go.
This week, we complete our Tie-Dyed T-shirts and make final plans for departure.
It is a small group of girls we are going with, but large in spirit.
When we join the other wards, there will be close to 100 Young Women in attendance.
Arise and Shine Forth!!!!!

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