Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gluten Free

Katherine has been eating Gluten-Free since January. I have not mentioned much about it here, but I am so proud of her choice. It was totally her decision and she took full ownership of this change. After doing some research, she felt that eliminating gluten would benefit her health. She is not allergic to gluten, but as her eating changed, it was obvious she is sensitive to it. She feels better, her skin is clearer, and she is learning to listen to her body.
The interesting thing about eliminating gluten is that there are still more foods that CAN be consumed than NOT.
Katherine took charge of her choice and has been 100% dedicated to eating gluten-free. Last week, she chose to not worry about the gluten-free while at Young Women Camp. She did not get sick, but she did note that she did not feel as good as she does when she stays away from gluten.
There thousands and thousands of resources for eating gluten-free, almost too many. We have had fun experimenting with recipes, especially baked goods that traditionally contain wheat flour. In fact, baked goods (breads, cookies, pizza dough, etc. are the only foods that we have to make huge adjustments for)
Here is one of our latest cookies recipes:
Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
Click HERE for the recipe
New Grains Bakery carries the BEST gluten-free baked goods I have found. They are based out of Utah and I met their owner/founder while at BYU Women's Conference. I am hoping to help him introduce his products to a larger audience, especially here in FL. Click HERE to go to their website.
With travel over the next month, Katherine knows how to eat gluten-free but for now is choosing to eat gluten sparingly as she travels.

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