Saturday, June 30, 2012

John G's

BEST Breakfast and Lunch in Palm Beach County.
Last summer, John G's relocated south to Manalapan from their original spot at Lake Worth Beach. Although they are no longer on the beach, they are in a beautiful area directly across from The Ritz Carlton.
The only thing different about John G's is the location. The food, the service, and the infamous LINE remain the same...all good and worth the trip to Manalapan!

Breakfast at John G's is outstanding. My favorite is the French Toast, yet it is difficult to say I have a favorite because everything is delicious. 

The service is still wonderful with one of the G family members always present. It is rare to find an owner on-site in most any business, but this is one of their trademarks and I know it is one of the reasons they are successful.  More often, than not, it is the owner's daughter, Wendy who seats each customer.

Their Fish and Chips are THE BEST. On the menu, it is noted that over 3 million orders have been served in the past 39 years. At lunch today, Megan and I did the math and that is an average of over 200 orders of Fish and Chips per day...yes, they are THAT good. Sometimes I leave my comfort zone and order something other than Fish and Chips. I am never disappointed. The flavor, quality, and quantities are a perfect compliment to the beautiful garnishes on each platter served. Delicious and Beautiful are the words that best describe each dish served.
The LINE...Always a LINE..Especially during season.
Worth the wait.
 In addition to outstanding food and service, here is something that makes John G's unique. They only accept CASH. Yes, in the year 2012, they do not accept credit cards. I wondered if this would change when they moved to their new location, but as I noted earlier, the only change for John G's in the location. They have successfully served the public for over 39 years without accepting Credit Cards. Why start now?
They are open for Breakfast and Dinner menu. Bring your CASH and prepare to have a delicious meal!

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