Friday, June 29, 2012

Off They Go

Ron and Katherine left yesterday for St Louis, Missouri and Nauvoo, IL
Our nephew, Christopher, his wife, Danae, and their baby, Sterling, 
will be sealed in the LDS Nauvoo Temple tomorrow. 
Every time I look at this photo of them at the airport, 
I am reminded of the General Conference message,
"Love Her Mother",  given by Elaine Dalton.
I am so blessed to have Ron as my husband and father to our daughters
(and sons)
Read Sister Dalton's wisdom HERE
 They arrived in St Louis before lunch yesterday and visited 
The Gateway Arch and The Mississippi River.
 Today, they traveled north to Nauvoo, IL.
Katherine is scheduled to perform Baptisms tomorrow.
I am so excited this trip worked out for both of them
While in Nauvoo, they will get to see Curt, Carmen, and Desmond 
who are driving down from Michigan for the sealing.

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