Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Why You Should Always Have A Camera With You...

Because after Church on Father's Day, your husband might be getting out his car keys to open the car door, when the key to the car pops off and falls in the storm drain...True Story.
And you may want to document the play by play details as your husband has a genius idea as to how the key can be retrieved. (He could see the key in the shallow storm drain water)
You will want to document that the storm grate was removed in preparation for your husband to put a ladder down inside.
And you certainly want to capture the image of your new friend (whom you are driving home) climbing down the ladder and rescuing the key.
You will want to remember that Ron kept saying, it is only storm water...it is not a sewer...it is not a big deal. The girls were repeating his words when I said to them, well then YOU go down and retrieve the key from the storm water...eeewwwww...
 You will want to remember how many people stopped everything they were doing to come and help-not just stand by and watch.
You will want to document Ron pulling the ladder out of the hole and preparing to return in to the chapel janitorial closet.
 These photos will remind you of the time you were eventually moving to WPB from Wellington.
 You will want to remember all the amazing people involved at every step of the way. It will bring a smile to your face every time.
 When you see this photo, you will be reminded of how heavy that grate is and wonder how they got it off in the first place.
These photos will remind you of the Father's Day you attended Church at the West Palm Beach Chapel prior to driving to Orlando to celebrate Father's Day with your own Father.  Your family was in a rush to get on the road to head north and the lost key episode slowed down your departure time. You will want to remember that because you had so much help, you did not have to drive clear back to Wellington to get the spare key before you could drive to Orlando for Father's Day.
You will remember that you got to Orlando in plenty of time and had a wonderful Father's Day visit with your dad.
Thanks to the kindness of others and Ron's resourcefulness, this will be a fun story we talk about every Father's Day for many years to come.

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