Thursday, July 19, 2012

Breaking News

I am in the middle of collecting facts for some information  that will rock PB  County (maybe Florida). It all started with a simple statement from John Klemas

Follow what John is saying here...

"It's nice to see that Florida has straightened out their voting problems. The new Supervisor of Elections just sent our son, Keith, his new voters registration card. They mailed it to our address in St. George, where he has never lived, but that address is printed on his card as his home address. Also, it shows Frontier Elementary, in Loxahatchee, as his polling place. P.S. Keith has not lived in Florida since January 2006."

John posted this on Facebook a few days ago and I was amused enough by this situation to re-post it on my Facebook page. Shortly after posted, the comments (and private inbox messages) started. This is not an isolated incident. 

So far, people from Texas, California, Illinois, and Utah have come forward to share the same story. This week, they receive a Florida Voter's Registration card. On the card was printed their current Out-Of-State address and a Palm Beach County, FL polling location. None of these people live in Florida. Most have been gone for 5+ years, all are registered to vote in their new home. I

I am certain by the time to day is over, I will learn of more people in this situation.


In theory, if these people were not honest, they could request an absentee ballot from Florida and vote TWICE in the upcoming Presidential election.

Can you say....Election Fraud? Can you say...we NEED a new Supervisor of Elections? Can you say we must REQUIRE photo ID with an address that matches the Voter's Registration Card address?

If I have been able to uncover these few examples, how many hundreds, or even thousands, more are there?

How will we ever know if Palm Beach County has an accurate vote? Regardless of your political views, this should make you skeptical at the least and outraged at the most.

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