Sunday, July 22, 2012


An exciting week is facing me.
My cousin, Darlene, is coming to visit from Utah.
She is coming this week to attend my brother's surprise 50th Birthday party.
In addition to Darlene, her brother, Von, and his wife Patty will be here.
And if that is not enough excitement 3-4 of my cousins from my mom's side will also make the trip.
All of them are traveling from Utah for the purpose of celebrating my brother's 50th Birthday.
I am humbled and honored that they would choose to spend their time and money to be here for this celebration.
I sent out invitations to all of our cousins, aunts,uncles, and friend from all over the USA with the hope that they would send a note with Happy Birthday wishes. Never did I dream that any of them would actually travel here  to be with my family, but it is actually happening-THIS WEEK!

Darlene is staying for 2 weeks!!!! Megan will fly back to Utah with Darlene and spend a week with Bollingers. Megan will fly back to Florida with Andrew.

On top of all the excitement, we get to see our grandsons, Des and Riley along with their parents. It is going to be a great week.

In addition to the excitement, we are in the midst of selling our house, waiting for final approval from the banks on the short sale house we are purchasing, and trying to move before school starts, even if it means renting something before our new house is ready.We need to get settled closer to the girls' schools and to early morning Seminary in our new area.

Meanwhile, I have had some expensive extensive medical tests which are helping me get to the bottom of some health issues that have been getting worse since Dec/Jan. Now I know where to focus my energies for overcoming some of these crazy symptoms.

A lot going on and I am grateful to be in the middle of it all...good and bad.

This is one of those posts I don't expect anyone to read, but helps my perspective when there are a lot of balls in the air.

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Keep on juggling!