Thursday, August 9, 2012

In Her Chair

Megan is in Utah for the week. She flew home with my cousin, Darlene and is staying with her dearest friend, Taylor Bollinger. Yesterday, they had the opportunity to go to Salt Lake City. Taylor's mother, Stephanie Bollinger is the Ward Young Women President and, at the invitation of former General YW President, Sister Jeanette Hales Beckham, she took the YW in their Ward to the Young Women General Offices in Salt Lake City. This incredible experience included a visit with current General Young Women President, Sister Elaine Dalton! The girls got to visit her office and even sit in her chair!!!!! Her schedule is filled from morning until night, yet she took the time to speak with the girls and share an uplifting message. I am sure she was gracious and did not rush, even with so much taking her time and attention. I know she will be in the New England area this coming weekend where my Sister and her daughter will get to see and hear her.  Sister Dalton is one of my heroes. I love her. She is serving the Young Women of the world at the exact time she is needed.
Sister Dalton is completely tuned in to the needs of the Young Women at this time in history. Her counsel is spot-on and I could listen to her for hours. She is a beacon of light in an ever darkening world. Her words are direct and presented with love, firmness and conviction. I am so blessed to be raising daughters with Sister Dalton as an example to them.

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