Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Temple Watch

August 7, 2012
LDS Florida Ft Lauderdale Temple 
Our first visit to the temple site since construction started.
As I write, I am having a difficult time choosing adequate words to describe 
my feelings after seeing the temple in person today. 
It is exactly 55 minutes from our house to the temple.
I have had a wonderful summer with family and exciting activities,
 this expereince will be remembered as one of the best of the entire summer.
 I look forward to visiting this site often to view the progress up close and in person.
This is the view from I-75 North driving from Griffin Road 

When we arrived in Florida 32 years ago, we had to travel 24 hours to the closest temple in Washington DC. In 1984, the Atlanta temple was dedicated and our travel time was cut in half when we could make the trip in 12 hours. In 1994, the Orlando temple reduced our time to 3 hours. When Ft Lauderdale is completed, we will have the blessing of a 1 hour drive to the temple!!!!!!
My heart is filled with gratitude and I am beyond excited.
I can't wait to share updates over the coming months.


CoachKaterina said...

Beautiful site for a temple! It will be so close to us now!

ellen said...

I loved watching the Boston Temple! Maybe I'll fly down for the Ft. Lauderdale Temple open house...!