Thursday, October 18, 2012

Breakfast of Champions

This morning we kicked off our "TEN PER DAY" Scripture Reading Challenge. We are competing with the Seminary Class from Boynton Beach Ward from October 22-March 22 to see which class has the highest percentage of members reading from the New Testament at least 10 minutes per day. After our lesson, we headed to the Cultural Hall where a few moms had prepared a wonderful breakfast. After breakfast, we gathered in the center of the room and formed a tight circle aka a huddle! We huddled up and put our hands in the center as we chanted, "TEN PER DAY"
 Students are assigned a "Scripture Buddy" for this challenge. They are to motivate, encourage, and remind each other to read every day.
 Some of my students struggle with reading and have the New Testament on their ipod or on CD so they can listen to it. I told them they had to read along with the audio for it to count. I also discussed that this is a FABULOUS way to reinforce what they are reading and a way to build their reading skills and comprehension.
 Another great week behind us with many more ahead!

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