Friday, October 12, 2012

House Update

Lest you think we are living a charmed life in this charming house, we have had a few reminders that with a new house, come new "quirks"
Just to name a few...
Like the master toilet that erupted like Mt St Helens
The ceiling in the kitchen that leaked after the pressure washing was complete
The light for the upstairs hall that only works using the downstairs switch
The kitchen sink faucet that is hanging on until we replace it
The microwave with a mind of it's own

I feel so blessed to have Ron who can and does fix ANYTHING. He just dives in and knows what to do. I just stare at things and wonder what the heck to do.
Truly there is a mile long list of little quirks that we will address as the days and months roll forward. Thank goodness we didn't purchase a "fixer upper".

Now for the latest quirk. We go big or we go home. Today, our new furniture was delivered straight from North Carolina. It arrived in an 18 wheel truck (just like our moving truck). The drivers had not been gone 10 minutes when I had a knock at my front door from the HOA President. He had met the drivers when they arrived and told them they would need to exit through the entrance gate due to the sharp turn to get in and out. Well, they followed his instructions, but it seems they backed up at some point and BAM...down when the artichoke and the entrance gate to our neighborhood is BROKEN. Thank you, Hostetlers and welcome to the neighborhood. I called the driver and his boss in North Carolina. Repair in process (Ron isn't doing this repair but he is calling the right people to make it happen-see if he can't do it himself, he knows who can)

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