Monday, October 8, 2012

It's In The Details

Yes, this new house is charming. So many fun details This Spanish conquistador greets guests at the front door.
 On either side of the garage window, there are these Spanish coat of arms plaques. 
 The other coat of arms
 The house is covered with bougenvilla vines. They got a little beat up in the recent storms and when the house was pressure washed, but these are hearty plants and will come back in full force.
 This is our front yard. All of it. It is bordered by tall hedges so no one can see our front yard unless they enter the little garden gate.
 One of the cool large clay pots on our patio.
 On the wall on our patio...
 And yet another work of art outside on our back patio. This one is outside our bedroom door.
 Note the use of the decorative tiles all over the house. The tile truly creates the charm of this house.
Now to create that same charm on the inside. I need the unpacking fairy to visit me for the entire week. I feel blessed that my leg and foot are almost completely healed. I still have times of soreness and swelling where I know I have been on my feet too long, but I am so far ahead of where I thought I would be.

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