Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dallas, JFK, and Katherine

Last week, when Katherine's ACDA Conference in Dallas was over, we headed straight to the 6th Floor Museum.
Katherine has studied the assassination of John F Kennedy and was fascinated by this visit. 
The 6th Floor window is directly behind Katherine in the top right hand corner of this building.
 A cool building on the way to the 6th Floor Museum. My mind is blanking right now as to the correct name. It is something like the Big Red or Big West Museum.
 X Marks the spot where JFK's limo was when the first shot hit him. I was interested to see that the road has not been blocked or re-routed. The X is in the middle of a heavily travelled road and people run out there all day long and take photos before the light changes and streams of traffic fill the road.
 A few from the "grassy burm" where some people think the shots were fired from. It is a fascinating to see all the evidence and models that have been used in investigating the assassination of JFK. It is also easy to understand why there are so many conspiracy theories and thoughts on who was actually involved in the shooting.
 On our way...

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