Saturday, March 23, 2013

Seminary Passover Seder

 Yesterday was our last day of class before spring break. As we enter Holy Week, I hosted a Passover Seder (dinner) at Seminary. I borrowed a Seder plate and the Haggadah books (scripts that are read during the meal with prayers, remembrances, and instructions for each food item, sip of wine, etc) from our dear friends whom we have celebrated Passover with in their home.
I prepared samples of traditional foods and placed the proper food items on the Seder Plate. Note at each place setting there is a Haggadah. I found these at our local grocery store, Publix. There was one for each student and they were able to take it home to have as their own copy. It was fun for them to see that the entire book was backwards. I asked them to find page 1, then 2, and on and on. The 45 minutes at 6 am go so quickly, but we packed a lot in to that time and I think the students learned something and will remember this experience. Living in Palm Beach County, it was easy to find Kosher for Passover items and all the Seder plate food. I didn't even have to ask the butcher for some small lamb shanks. They were out and packaged especially for Passover.
We set a place for Elijah and left the door open in hopes he would join us...
My students were good sports about trying the foods that were new to many of them.
We talked at length about cleansing your house and getting all the chemetz out before Passover.
 Here is the Seder Plate we used.
The next photo is a close up with words of each food item and where to place it.
 We had all of the below on the Seder plate in the appropriate places.
Under the plate were 3 slots for the Matzo Crackers.
 Here is a sample of a Haggadah set we borrowed.
 And make sure you use GRAPE Juice...not WINE.
We used the grape juice on the right but not before a very close call.
I almost used the real WINE on the left as it is not labelled as being alcohol.
This deserves it's own post.
 They were the most hesitant to try the fresh horseradish.
 They loved the Charoset
(apples, nuts, honey, brown sugar, cinnamon, and grape juice or wine)
 Fresh Parsley- we had the small cups of salt water to dip the parsley in twice.
 Coconut Macaroons
 Matzo Crackers that are Kosher for Passover. Not all Kosher food is acceptable for Passover.
The label must say, Kosher for Passover, not just Kosher.
 Lamb Bone. I thought this would be the food item the students were most hesitant to try. 
It was the second to the horseradish.
 Roasted Lamb
 Complimentary Haggadah books available at Publix.
Very cool.
Happy Passover all!
Happy Holy Week!
Happy Easter!
I am headed to Girls Camp on Monday. The weather is perfect.

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