Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Eagle Has Landed

A few weeks ago, there was an Eagle Boy Scout Court of Honor for a young man in our troop sponsored by our ward. It was a fun experience for me to work with Kate Estey as we set up and decorated for this event. Kate's son, Rick and my son, Curt were dear friends growing up and Kate taught me how to put on an Eagle Scout Court of honor. She knows how to give the dignity and respect this occasion deserves and it is a pleasure to work with her. She asked me to make these Eagle cookies. After some trial and error, I had my own little nest of Eagles. 

 When I ran out of cookies, but still had the other supplies. I decorated cupcakes to match the cookies. They were a little easier but the cookies are definitely cuter.
 For the cookies, I rolled the marshmallow in melted white chocolate, then in coconut.
Before the chocolate set, I had to push the cashew (beak) in and press the chocolate chips (eyes) on the sides. I attached the marshmallow to an oreo cookie using some chocolate frosting. Some of the instructions I found called for dipping the oreo in chocolate but this was just one more step in a very time consuming project and I found they were just as cute without dipping the oreo.
If you know of a sports team or school who has the Eagle mascot, these area great snack for a special occasion.

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