Monday, April 22, 2013

General Conference Wherever You Are

It makes my heart smile when I receive a photo via text like this...
Andrew on General Conference Sunday on his way to...
 Attend General Conference at The LDS Conference Center in Salt Lake City.
(Note the SNOW shovel in the background-yikes)
This was the view from my comfy chair at home in West Palm Beach.
I know that wherever we are, the messages are the same. We are taught by a living prophet and apostles in person, via satellite, computer, radio, phone, etc.. It gives me great comfort to know that my family and friends are experiencing General Conference at the same time I am. As a mother of teens and grown children, it brings an added measure of joy to know that each of my children are partaking in General Conference wherever they are. Our immediate family viewed General Conference from Michigan, North Florida, Central Florida, Utah, and South Florida. This puts us on the "same page" as we discuss the messages from our Prophet and Apostles.
LDS General Conference is one of my favorite weekends whether I am there in person or viewing it from the comfort of my own home.

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