Saturday, May 25, 2013

The End Is In Sight

Bittersweet is the best description of how I feel this week.
This Friday, Seminary comes to an end (for this year)
I am relieved to have a break from the daily grind, yet I will miss each and every student
I will miss:
  • The students
  • The intense scripture study
  • The heavy dose of guidance by the spirit (I always get strong and clear direction from the spirit when other people are involved and usually it comes without delay-always)
  • The daily preparation (yes and no)
I will not miss:
  • The 4:45 am alarm (and starting to think about that alarm the moment I go to bed the night before-I am getting MUCH better about turning off my brain until about 4am)
  • The daily preparation (yes and no)
  • My messy house and the piles of clutter (mostly Seminary related or related to Seminary due to my focus on Seminary)
  • The feeling that Seminary rules my days and nights (because, let's face does)
Here are some pictures from our recent obstacle course as we completed our study of Paul. I feel like I have endured to the end and fought the good fight for one year. The word, endure has mostly negative associations with it so I hesitate to say I endured. It was a wonderful experience, even though I have been dog-dead tired on many days. As things look now, I will have the blessing of teaching another year.

Four more teaching days and one Seminary Sacrament meeting to go.

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