Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dinner With Grandma

We drove to Orlando yesterday to visit my brother, Brent, in the hospital.
After we left the hospital, we treated my mom to Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney. 
I thought it would be a fun treat for the girls to do 
something "touristy" after the long car ride to and from Orlando.
Hence, we visited Downtown Disney for dinner at the Rainforest Cafe.
This was my 4th or 5th visit to the Rainforest Cafe and, 
if I have the choice, it was my last.
The reality is, one does not visit Rainforest Cafe for a relaxing fine dining experience.
It is an over-priced, loud tourist trap with OK food.
My mother described it best when she said, 
"It is the kind of place you are glad to get out of"
The amazing reality to me is that people come from all over the world to "enjoy" the Disney experience. They spend days going to the parks and eating over-priced food that is OK, or maybe good. They drop thousands of dollars in a few short days so they can walk around in the heat and be exhausted at the end of every day. Not very relaxing, which is what a true vacation should be. It is a lot of money to spend and not be rested and relaxed when it is time to return home.
Since we live close to Disney, thankfully, we don't have to spend our vacation days to visit. I enjoy the Disney Parks when they are not crowded but do not have a desire to visit often, especially at peak crowd or heat seasons.
Just my opinion here, but based on my experience yesterday, I will figure out another "touristy" experience before I will ever go to Rainforest Cafe again. At least it was fun to have my mom with us and spend some time with her.

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