Sunday, June 9, 2013

Seminary Sacrament Meeting

Today was one of those days I wish we could stand up in Sacrament Meeting 
and take photos and clap and cheer. Really. It was that wonderful.
Here are my students today after the first Sacrament Meeting.
I am so proud of them.
Many of them attended Seminary against some large obstacles.
They set and attained high goals in Scripture Mastery, Reading, and Attendance.
My students achieved very high attendance percentages, 
with most in the high 90% and 6 of them with Perfect Attendance.
 The Girls!
 The Boys!
 The Freshmen!
 The Sophomores
 The Juniors
 The Seniors
 The Master Scriptorians
 The boys after enduring a long photo session (they were great sports about it)
 Two of my wonderful girls.
Happy Summer to my fellow Seminary Teachers and the students! 
I'll post a few things in the next weeks from our last month of lessons and look forward to posting about my Book of Mormon preparation and teaching. If you   have discovered a great blog or other on-line resource for sharing and finding Seminary ideas, please comment below.

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