Thursday, August 15, 2013

Good Bye To Summer Vacation

Saying good-bye to summer vacation
 I have lived in South Florida for 33 years. This year, I finally got smart about going to the beach in the summer. Rather than go in the morning when it is blistering hot, I discovered going to the beach during  the late afternoon and evening. Heavenly. The sun is going down, there is a gentle breeze, the sand is not scorching our feet, the crowds are minimal, and the water is perfect.
Here, Megan is completing her summer reading assignment for school.
The Circle K 69 cent drink helps her concentrate.
 Megan in paradise
 One of the kids in our group found this floating in the water.
It certainly made for an exciting end to summer vacation.
 The kids were trying to bring it back to life but it had been dead for awhile.
 Ready to return the fish to the water...he will be dinner for a larger sea creature.

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