Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New School/Seminary Year

This is day 3 of the new school and seminary year. I must be really off my game as I did not take photos of Megan on her first day of school (I will repent)
Katherine starts school September 5, she is the Seminary class Secretary and seriously, she is my lifesaver and sanity. She handles all the paperwork and the writing of each day's journal quote and questions on the board. She has perfect handwriting, she should be a Kindergarten teacher.

Honestly, the first day of Seminary was rough. Not one of my better days in class. There were lots of factors at play and I am working on them.
I felt rusty, I tried to accomplish too much without ice-breakers and mixer activities,  I had new faces, a few surprise students, and a very full class. My class was so packed that my CES Supervisor visited yesterday and as soon as class was over, and the last student had left the room, he jumped up and told me that my class needs to be divided, ASAP. This was something we all have been watching and thought that a few students would not show up or would not attend regularly but the classroom is packed with 24 students and 2 more are moving in from another area. I do not anticipate many of them dropping out. I think most of them are there to stay, which is what we want! They have all attended AND been ON TIME every day, so far.
I guess this is what you would call a "good" problem...a FULL house of students ON TIME for Seminary.

The students are great with very few behavior problems, which is the way it will stay if we get smaller classes and they can have more attention.
I just feel like I can't interact one-on-one with that many students each day and that they deserve more attention. It is in their best interest that we have 2 smaller classes. It is PAINFUL for me to think about not teaching any one of them. I love them so much.
I have made my recommendations and now the Stake President, CES Coordinator, and Bishops need to make some decisions about who the new teacher should be. We all know it should be sooner than later.

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Mormon Share said...

I've got 22 this year, too. My class should probably split, too, but I'm like you and would hate to lose any of them.

We start September 9, and I'm getting anxious...