Friday, March 21, 2014

The Bishop's Storehouse

What did you do over Spring Break?
We worked at the Bishop's Storehouse
Yesterday, Katherine, Megan, and I spent most of the afternoon working at the Ft Lauderdale Bishop's Storehouse. When we realized we could not go out of town, I began to think of activities for the girls that would be meaningful and memorable. There are plenty of movies to watch, computer activities, and shopping spots abound, but working at the Bishop's Storehouse was definitely the best activity all week. The bonus was visiting the Ft Lauderdale LDS Temple on the way home.
I am going to make sure we have the opportunity to serve at the Bishop's Storehouse during the summer.
 Megan had to weigh and measure bananas and separate them in to 3 pound bunches
 We re-stocked shelves for 3-4 hours. It was a never-ending process. Just as one area was filled in, another would need to be replenished.
 Katherine stocked the strawberry Jell-o  gelatin and I told my stories of working at the Jell-o gelatin plant as a teenager. The LDS Church had the Jell-o factory located in our Stake in Independence, Missouri. I was so excited when I was old enough to work there. Of course, there were the stories of what color you would later exhale that color when you sneezed. Nuff said.
 Re-stocking the refrigerated section with boxes of margarine.
 More margarine re-stocking