Friday, March 21, 2014

Ft Lauderdale Temple

These photos were take yesterday, before, in the nicest way possible, I was asked to leave. 
After all, the Temple opens for VIP tours on Monday, March 24 and the general public tours on March 29. I wonder how many times per day the guard has to remind people it isn't quite time for them to visit. Yes, I was one of THOSE members yesterday, too excited to stay away and I honestly did not know it was not OK to drive around the parking lot yet. We have had youth firesides and a few other gatherings on the Temple grounds already, so I honestly did not know I should not be there. And yes, I am honestly excited for Monday! The workers were setting up the white welcome tents and the parking lot was buzzing with activity.

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john said...

Katie and I made the one and a half day trip to Washington, DC. Then it was the one day trip to Atlanta! Orlando was a dream come true and now Ft. Lauderdale. Now we are we are about five miles from the SG temple. Life is good!