Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lights Camera Action

Megan spent 2 long long long (morning til midnight) days last week with the actors and filming crew for the video portion of the Ft Lauderdale Temple Cultural Celebration. She is 1 of 6 youth who participated as actors for the video that will be shown during the Cultural Celebration presented by 6 Stakes in South Florida on May 3, the day before the Ft Lauderdale Temple is dedicated.
It is an understatement to say that this is  HUGE production. 3,000 youth ages 12-18 are rehearsing twice a week in various locations all over South Florida. They will come together for the first time on performance day and by some miracle, they will all be in sync and it will be a beautiful way to welcome the Ft Lauderdale temple to our lives.
Participation in this video has already blessed Megan's life.
We are busier than one family should be right now as we shuttle youth to rehearsals, recording sessions, all at the same time serving as Temple Open House Tour Guides and Ushers. Yep, we are blazing a trail up and down the turnpike several days per week. Truthfully, it is a happy busy and I am grateful for every opportunity.

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