Sunday, April 6, 2014

Open House Tours

The Ft Lauderdale Temple Open House
Ron and I have been serving as tour guides the past 2 weeks.
Katherine and Megan have served as Ushers.
They place foot covers on the guests before entering 
the temple and at the exit, they remove the foot covers.

It is an incredible experience to share the house of the Lord.
We have met many people who have watched the construction progress 
as they drive by the temple every day.
They are delighted to have the opportunity to take a tour.
Others travel from far away to make sure their children have 
the opportunity to see the temple.
Out front, people gather and bask in the spirit of the temple grounds.
The fountains, the lighting, the landscape, the spirit.
It is energizing to see people gather to the temple and linger on the grounds.
The Open House ends on April 19. 
We will be tour guides for the next 2 weeks. 

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