Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mormon Prom 2014

After a once-in-a-lifetime season of welcoming the Ft Lauderdale Temple,
the youth in our area attended the annual Mormon Prom.
It was fun for many of them to see each other again after hours and hours of rehearsals 
for the Cultural Celebration.
What a great surprise to find the model of the Ft Lauderdale Temple as the
photo backdrop for the Prom
Here are some of my Seminary students who attended the Mormon Prom:
 At the last minute, Katherine decided to attend the Mormon Prom over attending her school Prom held the same night at sea on a yacht sailing out of the Port of Palm Beach.
With 2 days to find a dress, Katherine and I prayed before we went shopping that we would be directed to the store we would find her dress at.
 We drove straight to Macy's at The Gardens, walked to the special occasion dress department, and she tried on the first dress she saw. It was her size, she loved it, in was 30% off, and I had a coupon. Trying to find a modest dress generally takes weeks of shopping, especially at the end of Prom season when the selection of styles and sizes is narrow. I know she was blessed for her desire to be in an atmosphere she felt more comfortable in and that was conducive to living the standards of dress and actions she is trying to live. The dress she originally had for the school Prom needed some alterations to make it modest. As we tried to make those alterations, it just was not coming together. I know she was blessed for her desire to live the standards of modesty.
 In addition to finding the perfect dress with ease, she found the perfect shoes, again, on sale and very complimentary of her outfit.
 I cannot believe that at this time next year, Katherine will be a Senior and we will be winding down all of the High School activities. I am enjoying this season of life, especially as I know it will be over before we blink!

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