Monday, September 1, 2014

Fire Pit and Plants

Wow, it has been over a month since I posted.
It is not for lack of things post or talk about.
This weekend, a long-dreamed-of project was completed:
Our new Fire Pit!
Our front patio was the perfect spot for this exciting addition.
Just in time for s'mores and creating fall-winter memories
 It was so super simple.
Ron and I built it together and it took a few hours on Saturday morning.
 There was plenty of time left for yard work...
 Ron spent the bulk of Labor Day laboring in our yard
planting crotons and spreading mulch.
Crotons are fairly "Hostetler-friendly" aka: hearty and low-maintainance.
 He is the best!!! The best!!!!
Yes, summer is "over". I will try to remember that when my air-conditioning is 
blowing COLD and the temperature outside is 90+ degrees.


Becky said...

We spread mulch on Labor Day too! But didn't build a fire pit. It looks nice. Enjoy your s'mores!!

john said...

Looks GREAT!