Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Season For Bats

Last year, Curt and Carmen gave us an education about bats.
Until then I did not realize there is a season for bats and just how protected they are during that season. Because of their experience with bats in their own attic, we were able to deduce that last week, the chirps in our attic are not RATS, as we thought last season, they are BATS. The chirping has returned in FULL FORCE.

It is BAT MATERNITY SEASON in Florida (April 15-August 15) and it is going to be a noisy summer at our house. Lots of chirping coming from our attic area right over our kitchen.

We realize they have been there for at least 1, but maybe 2 seasons.
We were vigilantly treating our house and attic for RATS when we heard these sounds.
There was a little evidence of rats, but not enough to match the noises we were hearing.
We killed a few RATS last year and thought the RAT problem was gone.
Now we know... we do not have a RAT problem, we have a BAT problem.

We will call the Bat Man who helped us in our Wellington house when it is time to clean up and close off their entrance and exit area.

Happy Spring and Summer!

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