Monday, August 3, 2015

Happy Birthday Dad

In no specific order, I present some fun Happy Birthday pics. I am blessed to have a dad who knows how to work hard and play hard. He is a fun dad and a fun grandpa.

Do the "bump" with Curt and Jeff
 Many years and many pounds ago, we ran the Peachtree Race with my dad.
Of course, he was thousands of people ahead of us but it was a fun experience.
 He makes the stuffing for our Thanksgiving turkey every year
 He loves my mother dearly
 He loves my children and my children love him!
 Not very many grandpas would take their grandchildren out on a snipe hunt
 I love my parents.
 After one of his hundreds and hundreds of Saturday races.
This was after the Peachtree Race in Atlanta
 He taught me about the finer things in life, aka The Varsity!
What'll ya have?
 Birthday cake made by grandchildren
 On the good ship Disney!
 Living his dream on his Honda Dream Machine
We were embarrassed to have him drive by our bus stops on this motorcycle
 Dad moonlighted as a 'limo driver" in Newark airport and Brent just walked right by him when he got off the plane (wonder why) what you don't see is that his pants are rolled up and I believe some of his "teeth" are missing.
 Work Hard-Play Hard
Jeffrey and Curt helping in the yard in New Jersey
I Love you, dad!

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